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Saturday: Great White

Great White, Takes a bite out of Rock! Like the fearsome, deadly denizen of the deep that shares its name, Great White knows something about survival of the fittest. The Southern California blues-rock band first took a bite out of the rock scene in 1984 and has never let go. Great White has achieved worldwide success, encompassing sales of over six million records. They received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance for the song "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", and earned a double platinum certification for the album …Twice Shy. With the release of Can't Get There From Here, the group's first release from John Kalodner's label Portrait, Great White is poised to conquer once again.

Alex Ivanov

...Holly Eddie Van Halen, this cherub rocks… That's the way an article about Alex Ivanov was titled in Orlando Weekly Magazine. Though Alex is only 13 years old he has played many biker parties and events - including Biketober Fest at Daytona Beach (for 5 years in a row) and many more. Alex is a student in middle school. There he plays in the Jazz Band. With a variety of styles, Alex is a accomplished musician.

Higway to Hell

AC/DC’S FAVORITE TRIBUTE BAND - HIGHWAY TO HELL is a must see Live where you will be blown away by the AUTHENTIC LOOK, SOUND, AND STAGE ANTICS OF AC/DC! You will be “Thunderstruck” as the band tears up the stage, they’ve played for Thousands in Myrtle Beach, Gasparilla festival, Bike Week and Biketoberfest at the Legendary Boot Hill Saloon Daytona, Thunder by the Bay, all the way to “Sin City”, and more!! This band is 100% authentic in look, sound, and gear right down to vintage clothing!

Kings of Awesome

A common definition of kingdom is "a realm dominated by one thing." Four metalheads are determined to dominate the local music scene this year and claim a realm of their own. They have a dozen pulse-pounding original songs and an arsenal of 40 hard rock, classic rock and metal covers, from MOUNTAIN's Mississippi Queen to OZZY's Over The Mountain.

Vocal Drop

Founded in November of 2005 Vocaldrop started with Sonny Whitehead. Sonny found Ryan Turrentine singing karaoke in a local bar and knew that Ryan's voice was perfect for the songs he had written. Ron Stepp was a drummer who had all but given up hope of finding a good Rock band to be a part of when Sonny was introduced to him. Rick Davis was the last member to join after he realized Vocal Drop was where his heart was. Join Vocal Drop Band as they put on a show you’ll never forget.

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SLIPKNOT has posted a new video for the song "Sulfur" online for streaming

2009 at 7:55 PM by Skylark. (24 Comments)

SLIPKNOT has posted a new video for the song "Sulfur" online for streaming. Percussionist Shawn Crahan (a.k.a. Clown) had the following to say about the release:

"This is the third video I’ve done with Paul Brown and with each video we learn more about each other and the art of Slipknot, and we build on that knowledge with each new project. It’s great to jump around and try new people, but sometimes it’s better to stay with a winning team.

When I write a treatment, I always think, “What has Slipknot not done? What can we embark upon that will be fun and knowledge-enhancing instead of the same old song and dance?” Our business can be routine, so I need the band to be able to do something brand new so we can look back at it later and say, “God, this was different and fun and really artistic.”

This one was based on a visual art piece called “Ascension” by Bill Viola that’s at the Des Moines Arts Center. You go down in this room and it’s solid black and it’s basically this gentleman jumping into a body of water. It’s shot in a high frame rate and it happens over 30 minutes and the sound’s slowed down, and it’s just scary.

So for this video, we are the treatment. We like to give our fans as much of us as we can, and even though we’re tired of live performance, we’re always trying to take it to the furthest realm. So I figured this time we’d change up the live performance by shooting groups of three instead of putting the whole band up in a scenario and then the camera rolls by and misses what I’m doing because it’s focusing on Joey. The first group was Corey, Mick and Craig. And then the second group was Joey, Sid and Paul. And the third group was Chris, Myself and Jim.

When I think of sulfur I go blindly into the smell and it’s something people either love or hate, and if you hate it, then it can be suffocating. So, I went to a parallel universe and incorporated water as something that suffocates you instead of being derivative and contrived and just showing the yellow smoke of sulfur or something. We got an 11-foot water tank and we all jumped in it, and we all had our issues. It was the first time I saw everybody very concerned with something we had to do for our art. You had to go up this really weird ladder and the water was dirty and it was a five-foot by five-foot tank and it looked like when you stepped into it you were gonna hit your head on the frame that holds the glass and it would just rip your nose off.

And we were even more freaked out because they had to have a paramedic there that could swim and save you if you were drowning. I look at the video as a testimony to being able to believe in what you had to do. It was dangerous. If you just did it a little bit wrong you were going to hurt yourself. And it happens to be my favorite video ever because it involved that fear. We used a 45 lens like they used in “Gladiator,” which makes everything super-sharp, so the motion is really in your face and you really feel what every member is doing and we just had a fantastic time. It’s probably the best we’ve ever looked and I think it reveals more of how we see ourselves."


Slipknot - New Music - More Music Videos
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ALICE IN CHAINS has completed mixing its first new studio album in 14 years

ALICE IN CHAINS has completed mixing its first new studio album in 14 years. According to an online posting by The Baldy — whose job is "to travel the world with ALICE IN CHAINS and send photos, videos and blog entries back to [the webmasters] at AliceInChains.com" — "Some amazing songs were written and recorded. From the heaviest riff-dripping gut-puncher to the most sadly beautiful song I think this band has ever recorded, I honestly believe that this album will return ALICE IN CHAINS to the top of the hard rock heap.

"So now the next few months are dedicated to things like album artwork, lining up interviews and press, shooting videos, planning tours, and figuring out whether to bury Jerry [Cantrell, guitar/vocals] and William's [DuVall, vocals] beards at sea or donate them to science.

"Hopefully these new songs will strike a chord and make a similar impact on all of you out there that were moved by this band in the first place. These songs have definitely done that with me, and frankly I'm getting pretty sick and tired of loving this stuff alone, so I can’t wait for it to be released so it'll become your favorite record of 2009 and we can discuss it at the shows."

One person who has gotten a preview of the new ALICE IN CHAINS album is the band's good friend, VELVET REVOLVER bassist Duff McKagan. In fact, McKagan said in a new podcast at TalkingMetal.com that the new ALICE IN CHAINS record is "the best album of the past 10 years." Very few details have emerged about the record, which will mark the recording debut with the group of singer William DuVall, who took over for late vocalist Layne Staley when ALICE IN CHAINS reactivated in 2006.

Although there has been speculation and even doubt over whether ALICE IN CHAINS could continue without Staley, guitarist Jerry Cantrell told The Pulse of Radio that the band's approach to making music is still the same. "Everything that we ever created musically as a band, I can still stand behind it completely, and we did it because we loved it, and we spent the time to make sure it was kick-ass," he said. "And this is nothing different, you know. Of course, the dynamic has shifted and, you know, we miss Layne tremendously, but we feel that we still have something to offer, you know."

There is no official word yet on when the new ALICE IN CHAINS album will come out, although a fall release is tentatively expected.

The group began writing and recording the disc on its own last year, and intends to sign a new record deal now that the project is finished.

ALICE IN CHAINS' last full-length studio effort was a self-titled disc issued in 1995. Layne Staley died from a drug overdose in April of 2002.

Video footage of ALICE IN CHAINS' February 28, 2009 performance at the Soundwave Festival in Adelaide, Australia can be viewed below (clips uploaded by "backpackdave08").

ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently spoke with Australia's Courier-Mail about the group's upcoming album, its first full-length set of new material in more than 13 years and first without lead singer Layne Staley, who died in 2002 after a long battle with drug addiction. Handling lead vocals is William DuVall, who has sung with the group ever since it reactivated in 2005. Cantrell said, "The new stuff is cool. It's pretty goddamn crushing. I've stepped up a little bit from where I was before . . . obviously, it'll be a new sound from William being there — but it sounds like an ALICE IN CHAINS record and a kick-ass one. There's everything from the darkest of dark, heavy shit to acoustic stuff. Throw all that together and that's what you'll get."

Cantrell told The Pulse of Radio when the band first got back together that they did not have a set plan to tour or make a new album. "You know, if you were looking at how to really capitalize on this experience and really make dough and make it a profitable thing, a band might, you know, would come out with a singer, have a record ready and all that," he said. "But that's not where we're coming from with this thing. We're coming from the place of 'It feels good, and we're having a good time, so we'd like people to be a part of that.'"

ALICE IN CHAINS is scheduled to play at Columbus, Ohio's Rock On The Range festival in mid-May.
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Alice Cooper, known for being the first to mix hard rock, horror and theatrics is making a headline appearance at the Southwest's premier horror convention, Texas Frightmare Weekend.

"We're proud to bring in this shock rock icon that not only defined theatrical rock performances and has many, many classic songs and albums but also had roles in horror films like 'Prince of Darkness' and 'Freddy's Dead'," said Texas Frightmare Weekend founder Loyd Cryer.

"Alice Cooper is an originator and an innovator and we are proud to have him as our very special guest."

The event, which will be held May 1-3 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving, Texas, will not only feature Cooper, but dozens of other horror celebrities ranging from Linda Blair of "The Exorcist" to Fairuza Balk of "The Craft" and Marc Price from '80s hard rock horror thriller "Trick or Treat".

Franchises represented by celebrities will include "Halloween", "Friday the 13th", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Howling", and "House of 1,000 Corpses", among others.

"We know horror fans have diverse tastes and we always try to accommodate that because we are horror fans ourselves. This is going to be our best convention yet," Cryer said.

For more information, go to www.texasfrightmareweekend.com.