Monday, July 30, 2012

Bruce Dickinson calls out a fan who he seen texting through some of the songs during the concert

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson is not known for his reticence, and he let a fan know exactly how he felt at a concert on Thursday night (July 19), calling the man a “wanker” after he saw him texting during several songs in a row while the band performed.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012 album review of catalyst:

Change is good. Change is healthy. And these guys are changing it up. When they started their project in 2009, they wanted to bring something different and unique to the average rock/metal music scene. In 2010 they completed recording for their original self-titled album ‘catalyst’ which included the tracks 1-11 and then recorded later were tracks 12-16 and added to this album and was released as a ‘deluxe version’. It’s going to appeal more to the open minded listeners, those who welcome a variety of rock/metal/experimental music. It’s like hearing a scifi movie, I mean it is it’s own scientific, apocalyptic movie with it’s melancholic and dark music, yet powerful riffs and intense vocals. It would probably be an interesting find to the fans of Mastodon and Tool. It’s definitely a break from the same old metal out there today. It’s variety of musical tempos and samples keep you listening and waiting for what’s next.
The artists, themselves, are very intelligent and independent where as they self-produce all their own material with their own equipment through their own group called Monument:Productions which also consists of other close friends of the band that dedicate themselves in helping with the process.
The band consists of six members:
Erik Atkins-guitar
Scott Keene-guitar
Pat McSherry-bass
Chris Nolan-vocals/drums
Rob Coggin-drums
Tyson Mink-vocals/samples/live visuals/drums
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