Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Hellyeah song released!

Just listened to the new single from Hellyeah's new album Band of Brothers which is set to come out June 5th.
Vinnie Paul had commented on this new material:
 "On our first two records, we were a new band. We really wanted to branch out and expand and experiment with all different styles. We all come from traditional metal bands and backgrounds, so it was a great breath of fresh air to play in a band that was rock 'n' roll, blues and Southern rock. We got that out of our system and got really focused on going back to our metal roots. It's heavy, focused, groove-oriented and I'm excited about it."
comments taken from via Metal Mark

I listened to it and it is deinitely harder than the past material Hellyeah has put forth, it has a certain Mudvayne sound to it, but of course Chad is singing, I give em props to sounding excellent, but not sure I am ready for Hellyeah to switch it up, I really liked their past material, it gave me the best of both worlds.
So take a listen and tell me what ya think?


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