Friday, May 8, 2009

Leesburg Bikefest Music review....better late than never!

Well, this review is a couple of weeks late, but I have been offline since after the bikefest.
First of all, I have to say, this was the most rockin' bikefest in Leesburg I been too. I was focused on the talent that was brought to the fest this year and they did not disappoint me! The only thing that did upset me was that I just couldn't be at all places at once , some shows overlapped with others, so, I sent myself out to see the ones I were most wanting to see.

The first night started off with going to the theater downtown and watching a band there, but before I could even get the name of the band playing, we were escorted out by an eager, plump security guy who said Frankie, my husband, was too drunk to be there! Imagine that! Could we have been the ONLY ones there drunk and swaying??? Naaahhh!

Well, needless to say, we left, and headed down to Club Palace to see Kings of Awesome in their GLORY! HAIL TO THE KINGS!
That was where I wanted to be to begin with....

We made it there, although, my camera was on the fritz and didn't get any photos of them, they were rockin' the Palace like the true Kings they are!
I was not disappointed! Every time I hear these guys, their sound just blows me away!
The covers they do are excellent, and their original stuff is just begging to be played for all of America to hear! I really can't get enough of these guys!
Check 'em out sometime, their CD is called 'CORONATION' and you can find 'em at

Well, the first night ended a little early, but we were just getting prepared for the Saturday to come.....

We started the second day off with hanging around the bikefest, checking out the goods and drinking a few cold ones....MAN IT WAS HOT!
We managed to get a glimpse of Justin Heet and stayed to see Kid Ridlyn rock the Gator Harley stage. This kid isn't a kid per say, but he gives off that energy that kids harness!
This band knows how to get the crowd going and I would definitely recommend seeing them whenever you get the chance!
You can find them at

After going home and taking a break for a bit, we headed back up town to finish our Saturday night. Our friends suggested we go see Monsters in the Morning show, so we went, we laughed, and we drank! We watched a couple of demos, and it was off to the Club Palace again to see Vocal Drop.
I was totally blown by their cover of Alice in Chains, which I heard as soon as I arrived.
Although my friends had other plans, I was hell bent on staying for a few to watch these guys in action. I had seen them before at the battle of the bands they used to have at Steve's Redhouse, unfortunately, they don't have live bands there I hadn't seen these guys for quite sometime and I enjoyed every minute I was there watching them. I didn't get to watch them preform 'Vacation from the Truth', which is my favorite song from them.
Please take sometime to check these guys out and show 'em some love.

And now for the finale.......

After getting heated up from those Leesburg rockers, it was time to get my place in the crowd for GREAT WHITE. Well, there was a dilemma in our hands, Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover band) was set to play at the same time as Great White and my hubby wanted to see them, so, we parted ways and said' "Catch ya later!", and off we went....

I found a pretty good spot close to the front and the crowd was demanding for their appearance.
This was the 3rd time I seen these guys, and I would see them again. As a child from the eighties, I just couldn't miss 'em.
I hold fast to my opinion that these guys rocked the stage and I was excited to hear some of their new stuff as well. I send blessings to these guys to get thru the nightmare that keeps haunting them about 'that night at the station'. And that's all I want to say about that.

Anyway, after closing with the song that everyone was DYING for, 'ROCK ME', I was headed to the Budweiser stage to what I can salvage from the Highway to Hell concert.
With no hubby in sight, I proceeded to get close to the stage and I have to say, these guys were blowing the set up! I was impressed, and just couldn't believe the energy they were putting off!
If I didn't know better, I was at an AC/DC show for real! I was totally rocked by their closing song, 'For those About to Rock', for that is my most favorite song by AC/DC, and it topped my night off perfectly. If you're a big AC/DC fan, you should go check 'em out sometime, we were lucky to have them play free for us here at the bikefest.

After the show, we all met up at our trusty 'ol meeting place, THE RAT'S HOLE, and proceeded to get our 'drink' on......the rest is history.

Well, that concludes another year of Bikefest and with no regrets! Although I was sicker than a dog, which I didn't mention, with tonsillitis all week after that, it was well worth the weekend of sore throats, falling down, blisters on my toes and wondering , "where the hell is my husband?".
If you are ever in the area, please come on down and party with us next year, you won't regret it!
Thanks for reading and have a rockin' week!

~~Rockin' Reggie~~

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